ProFactor Pharma

ProFactor Pharma Ltd (PFP) was established to commercialise and supply recombinant blood factors for the treatment of haemophilia to a severely undersupplied world market, leading to the [...]

Clear Surgical

The Illuminated Retractor by Clear Surgical is an innovative product that is set to transform surgical theatres. Illumination of surgical cavities can be problematic; it is often provided by the [...]

Bedi Oral Care

Bedi Oral Care is introducing a range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of those who require specialised dental care. The first products to market include the Bedi Wedge and the [...]

Scottish Bioenergy

Scottish Bioenergy has developed a method of producing a natural blue extract from algae, which can be used as an internationally approved food colourant, powerful anti oxidant and anti [...]


Biotangents develop novel and portable infectious disease diagnostics providing same day results in veterinary clinics. Their fully automated lab-in-a-box solution empowers vets by reducing [...]