The directors of Kelvin Capital are available to speak to individuals to discuss the potential of becoming a member.

Please contact us at to discuss our current investment opportunities

If you are interested in investing in our venture or growth opportunities please contact us for an informal discussion.

We recognise that some members wish to be entirely passive investors but others may wish to work with the portfolio businesses.

Kelvin Capital is committed to ensure ongoing and appropriate communications with our investors.

Kelvin Capital aim to provide EIS approved opportunities to ensure that investors can take advantage of the tax benefits this provides. The tax benefits are significant as can be seen from the following case study:

“An investor taking advantage of both Income Tax relief at 30% and Capital Gains Tax deferral at 28% can effectively reduce the initial cost of a £100,000 EIS investment by £58,000 to £42,000. Assuming an EIS investment doubles in value to £200,000 after three years, £172,000 will be returned tax free to the investor after the deferred capital gain of £28,000 had been repaid.”

The Enterprise Investment Scheme and Small Enterprise Investment Scheme is designed to help smaller, higher-risk companies raise finance by offering tax relief on new shares in those companies that qualify. For the investor, it’s a tax efficient way to invest in small companies – up to £1,000,000 per person per year in qualifying companies.

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