Our philosophy is that people are the most important aspect of any successful business.  We want to provide an added layer of support to our companies by giving them access to global business leaders to benefit our strategic thinking and that of our portfolio companies.

The Kelvin Capital team has a combined 30 years experience of working with new businesses and understands both the challenges and opportunities, which will be encountered during the high growth phase. The team has built up extensive networks, which will be made available to assist and support the portfolio businesses.

Kelvin Capital will actively promote the portfolio businesses through its website and social media activities raising their awareness and profile.

The entire Kelvin Capital team is focused on the success of our portfolio of businesses.

meet the team

The hard working team on the Advisory Board

Kelvin Capital have been a prominent investment syndicate in Scotland since 2009,  funding a range of early stage technology companies and later expanding our portfolio to a range of sectors.  We now work with a number of UK based syndicates to provide our members with a broad range of revenue generating growth companies with high potential return for investors.

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