Bedi Oral Care is introducing a range of products specifically designed to meet the needs of those who require specialised dental care. The first products to market include the Bedi Wedge and the Bedi Tray.

People with severe disabilities or illnesses like dementia are unable to carry out basic oral care such as brushing their teeth. In these cases it is the responsibility of the carer to clean the patient’s teeth for them. Oral cleaning by a carer or examination by a dentist is carried out by wedging open the mouth of the patient with a finger and by restraining head movement, while inspecting or brushing their teeth. However dentists and carers are often at risk of being bitten or seriously injured by uncooperative patients, especially those who are cognitive impaired.

To address this issue Bedi Oral Care aim to introduce the Bedi Wedge – a simple and inexpensive plastic device that can be used by caregivers/dentists to prop open the mouth of a patient to facilitate oral examination, dental treatment, or the routine cleaning of teeth.

Teeth that have decayed or are poorly formed require the child to have their aesthetics improved. The key obstacle is the process dentists have to use to take the child’s impressions in order to develop crowns.

The current process of taking dental impressions involves the use of multiple full arch acrylic trays. Adults usually have a crown or veneer preparation, followed by impressions and then their cementation. For young children however this process is very difficult to tolerate. Children often have to be restrained using equipment like the papoose board, which fully binds the child under velcro straps. As this is very traumatic for all involved, dentists often recommend using general anaesthesia to calm the child however this is costly with multiple health risks including nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, sore throat, shivering, aches and pains and in rare cases brain damage or death.

The Bedi Tray is a small tray designed to revolutionise the current process of taking the dental impressions of preschool children. Instead of using the complex array of trays, Bedi Oral Cares solution enables the impression to be taken with just one tray in one simple step. No opposing impression is required and the impression material used sets much faster.




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