The Illuminated Retractor by Clear Surgical is an innovative product that is set to transform surgical theatres.

Illumination of surgical cavities can be problematic; it is often provided by the use of equipment that can cast significant shadow in the surgical cavity such as overhead lamps and headlamps or the inefficient use of theatre staff holding and directing a torch.

The preferred method is the use of a fiber optic cable attachment that connects to a retraction system. This is neither ergonomic nor optimal as the light may cause shadows within the cavity and may not reach the deepest part of the incision. In addition, the fibre optic cabling can clutter the operating field, which has safety implications due to the fact that the cable often impedes the free movement of staff around the operating table. The proposed medical device will eliminate these issues.

The Illuminated Retractor combines a conventional self-retaining retractor with the addition of an in-built cold light source. The Illuminated Retractor directly illuminates the interior cavity of an incision during surgery while the retractor holds open the incision. Ultimately this provides two functions in a single device.




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