16 MARCH 17

QED Naval name first Subhub "Kraken"

QED Naval have named their first ever created Subhub platform at a naming ceremony in Belfast this weekend.  Kraken was designed to commission, test, transport, install and secure an array of tidal turbines to the seabed more efficiently and cheaper than current methods.

The platform will soon be deployed at the European Marine Energy Centre - EMEC to validate the claims of the Subhub and will undergo three different phases of testing.

Read the full story here

27 FEB 17

iMetaFilm Celebrate Studio Opening

The iMetaFilm celbrated the official opening of their Meta Scanning Studio in Glasgow last night and were joined by film star Quinton Aaron.  Quinton starred alongside Sandra Bulloch in the award winning The Blind Side and was in Gasgow for the Internation premier of his new movie Halfway at the Glasgow film festival.

Quiton said "It's an honour to be asked to help iMetaFilm launch their Glasgow studio.

"This is my first time in the city but I know the company has been making a name for itself in the film industry recently."

For more on the story, visit this link at the Herald online

31 JAN 17

Chromacity Launch New Website & Introduce Sales Director to the team

Mark Goossens (formally lead sales person within Edinburgh Instruments before taking a Business Development Manager role within Fraunhoffer CAP) began working with the company mid-November and recently returned from a US life sciences conference and exhibition which has allowed him to develop key life science market intelligence. 

Chromacity also recently launched their new website and are making continuous efforts to drive traffic and identify a significantly larger number of potential leads. 

iMetaFilm's Technology Featured on Reporting Scotland

In case you missed it last week, here is the full clip of iMetaFilm's feature on Reporting Scotland.  The company appeared on the news show as part of the programme's report on the Glasgow Havana Film Festival, who iMetaFilm have been working with to restore some of the oldest film reels they have ever worked with.

09 NOV 16

Tipple Box Joins The Kelvin Capital Portfolio

We were delighted to raise a six-figure amount for Tipple Box founder and CEO, Sonny Charles.  Sonny started Tipple Box in November 2014 after successfully raising £10,000 on crowd funding site Indigogo.  Since then he has achieved sales of £100,000 and listings with some of the UK's biggest retailers including Not On The High Street, John, Lakeland  and Fenwick's

21 SEP 16

Standard Life Announced as Flexiworkforce Diversity & Inclusion Site Champion

Flexiworkforce is delighted to announce their first Diversity & Inclusion Site Champion: Standard Life plc

This collaboration will help attract new talent to Standard Life, one of the top 500 companies worldwide, by revenue, as listed in the 2015 Fortune Global 500. The company supports around 4.5 million customers and clients worldwide to invest and manage their money, and we are delighted that Flexiworkforce can be a part of that by introducing talented individuals to this organisation. 

Standard Life has a positive approach to diversity and inclusion, promoting a company culture where everyone can be themselves, feel included, and can achieve their potential. This is something Flexiworkforce fully endorses and admire Standard Life in their pursuit to be a brilliant flexible employer.

15 SEP 16

Beehive Brae Back in Aldi

Until stocks last Plan Bee Ltd's Beehive Brae Honey Beer is back in stock across all Scottish Aldi stores from today.  We'll hedge our bets that they sell out in no time.

14 SEP 16

Tracey Eker Shortlisted at BWSM Awards 2016

Congratulations to Tracey Eker, CEO of Flexiworkforce for her nomination in the New Business of the Year category.  Entry was open to all female led businesses based in Scotland and the shortlist was selected by Margaret Gibson, Chief Executive at Womens Enterprise Scotland.  The finalists will be judged by Marie Macklin CBO and Dr Lesley Sawyers in Glasgow on the 27th October.  Tickets are available here

28 JUL 16

Clear Surgical Achieve CE mark on their Cannulated Reduction Forceps device

We are delighted to announce that after a lot of hard work and effort, Clear Surgical have now achieved CE mark on their Cannulated Reduction Forceps device.

This has been a long process for the team and comes at a perfect time as they imminently close their next round of funding to further expand the product line and explore international markets.

Both of Clear Surgical's devices - the CRF's and Oplight are now eligible for sale in the USA.  Congratulations to Elaine and the team!

29 JUNE 16

Sofant Appoint David Withers as CEO

The board of Sofant recently appointed David Withers as their new CEO, replacing Sergio Tansini who stepped down from the role earlier this year. David will play an essential role in developing and implementing a strategic business plan to take Sofant's technology to market, including forming a number of strategic partnerships.

With more than 20 years of experience in radio technologies and more than 10 as a CEO, Wither has a strong background in technology sales and business development. Most recently, he raised $3m in venture capital for Acconeer AB and developed a detailed strategy to bring the company’s wireless sensor technology to market.

Full article here

9 JUNE 16

Beehive Brae Launches Across All 67 Aldi Stores in Scotland

A massive congratulations to Plan Bee this week as they announce their launch of Beehive Brae honey beer in all 67 Aldi stores across Scotland.  The launch was covered broadly in the press from the Scotsman to Craft Beer 

Richard Holloway, Managing Director of Scotland said,

"Scotland produces some of the best craft beer on the market and the Aldi Beer Festival allows our customers the opportunity to try a wide array of beers that are not all readily available. We are sure this Beer Festival will be a great success for Aldi and the brewers involved.”

Aldi is the first major outlet to seize upon Beehive Brae, after Plan Bee came to the company’s attention through their Next Top Product competition, in which the sustainability businesses Origin Honey was also a finalist.

Here are some of the other articles from Scotland Food & Drink and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

31MAY 16

Ingenious Audio Mnaufacture and Ship 300 Units

Ingenious Audio reached an important milestone this week by successfully producing and shipping all 300 of their units promised to their campaign backers.  The over subscribed crowd funding round took place last year and created a stir in the music technology industry and the company received press coverage in a number of high profile publications.

The team also released a demo video illustrating a guitar player using the Jack to wirelessly stream via WIFI to a Macbook - another major milestone for the company.  The next stage for the team is further testing and then Apple certification for the app.  You can watch the short video below.

27 APRIL 16

Sofant Technolgies Enjoy Massive Press Coverage With News of EU Grant Win

Sofant Technologies recently won an EU grant worth 2million euros (£1.6million) awarded under the Horizon 2020 SME Instument Programme.

The company are now using the money to get their Smart Antenna technology into big player moble phone devices such as Apple and Samsung by 2018. 

Co-founder and COO Dr. Ahmed El-Reyis said  “We call this a smart antenna because it has been designed to seek out the strongest signal and focus on it, rather than the current model that constantly radiates energy in all directions.

“We have been researching and planning this project for ten years to perfect the design. This funding will enable us to take the product to foundry and we’re currently asking for tenders.”

He added: “We’re very excited about this new funding and see it as a real opportunity to impact on the future direction of the global smart phone industry and to create a market-leading company. We aim to have this product available to mobile phone manufacturers by 2018.”

There have been articles in both the Scotsman and BBC News, with more to follow so stay tuned!

9 MARCH 16

Bedi Shield launches on Unforgettable website

Bedi Oral Care's primary product, the Bedi Shield launched on Unforgettable's website this month.

Unforgettable was founded by James Ashwell who was caring for his mother who suffers from dimentia.  The website brings together products that make the lives of alzheimer's and dimentia sufferers and their carers easier and the company works with charity partners ADI and Alzheimer's Society.

The Bedi Shield also appears on the Founders "products I wish I knew about sooner" page. 

Visit the website here

1 MARCH 16

Flexiworkforce Launch New Website and Start A #flexirevolution

Flexiworkforce launched their new job search platform last week.

14.1 million people want or need flexible working and employers need to close the skills gap. Flexiworkforce built this new website to connect these two groups. The new job platform has demographic portals that has tailored advice and tips for candidates. There are recruiter company profiles where candidates can ask employers questions and view their latest news and updates. Its 2016, and the world of work should reflect that. Join the #flexirevolution.

21 DEC 15

Kelvin Capital's Chromacity Investment Deal Reported in The Sunday Herald

Our recent funding round which closed in October was reported in yesterdays Herald as part of an article about two key Scottish technology companies raising money from angel syndicate groups.

This most recent round was a first for Kelvin Capital as we joined forces with EOS Technology Investment Syndicate and Investing Women to raise over £500k - in conjunction with the Scottish Investment Bank.

Kevin Grainger said of the deal:

"This is the third investment we have completed since starting a year ago, and is the first we have done in conjuntion with Kelvin Capital and Investing Women."

"We are delighted to have come together with other like minded syndicates to put a package together for sunch an innovative business as Chromacity"

Our own Jim Hall commented:

We are delighted to have worked with EOS and Investing Women for the first of what I hope is many deals going forward.

“Not only were we able to quickly raise in excess of £500k through our combined member base but we now have the support networks and contacts of all three groups to support this business going forward which is a huge value add to the company."

Read the full article by Greig Cameron here

18 DEC 15

Flexiworkforce "Future of Flexible Working" Event A Big Success

The Flexiworkforce team hosted an event at the beginning of the month in Edinburgh to discuss the advantages of flexible working.  The event was attended by the Scottish Government's Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work and Skills, Roseanna Cunningham MSP, who gave a keynote speech announcing the Scottish Governments plans to promote the fair work agenda.

The event also included a Q&A session with Flexiworkforce CEO Tracey Eker, who after the event said:

“Flexiworkforce wants to change the way the world works, and for the better. Today’s event is a further positive demonstration of the Scottish Government‘s commitment to fair work.

“Business cannot afford to sit on its hands if we are to tackle the UK’s damaging skills shortage.

“14 million people across the UK want flexible work, yet only a minuscule proportion of vacancies promote flexibility. Flexible working is valuable not only for parents, but for sports professionals, veterans, people with disabilities and of course employers.  

“This event will be the first of many in Flexiworkforce’s efforts to promote meaningful diversity in Scotland and across the UK.”

13 NOV 15

Beehive Brae mead and honey beer storm the press and lauch new website.

Plan Bee have had an extremely busy month with the launch of their second subsidiary website 

The Company have seen huge coverage in the press in the last few months with the most recent article being in yesterday's The Scotsman, you can read the article here

Beehive Brae's Honey Mead

Beehive Brae's Honey Beer

4 NOV 15

Plan Bee launch Origin Honey Website - and it's beautiful!

Plan Bee this week launched the website for their new Origins Honey brand.  The site is full of gorgeous products including jars of honey, honey infusions, beeswax candles and gifts.

To celebrate, Plan Bee are offering 10% of all products for the next 24 hours.  Use the code SAVETHEBEES at...

31 AUG 15

Oplight 180 Used in Life Saving Operation On a Rescued Bear Cub

What a wonderful story for a Monday.  Selina, a female sun bear cub was found abandoned back in 2014 in a forest in Borneo.  She was handed over to the wildlife rescue centre later that year where she seemed to be suffering from severe abdominal pain.  Specialist wildlife veteranian Romain Pizzi made the journey over to the rescue centre to treat her, where he used Clear Surgical's Oplight 180 to carry out a life saving operation on Selina who is now recovering slowly but surely and enjoying a much better quality of life.  The full story is below.

27 AUG 15

Plan Bee Featured in Two Wonderful Foodie Blogs

Plan Bee were visited by contributor Rachel Phipps of Great British Chefs and Neilufahr Alimohamadi, editor of Cherie City.  Below are our favourite excerpts from the articles;


"Bees are actually quite friendly creatures. They don’t actually look that scary as they come flying out of the hive towards you once the lid is lifted. Braver souls such as myself even picked up whole slabs of honeycomb with the worker bees clinging to the structure provided for them on which to start building their honeycomb. It is amazing to get up close to the bees; in various places, you can see how they instinctively start building the hexagonal shapes. You can see where they start to fill these up with honey, and probably the most fascinating, you can see where bees are buried within cells under a thin layer of wax, and burrow their way out into the sunlight as part of their birth. It is not until you get up close you really come to appreciate these little flying friends, and I promise that honey will taste all that better for the experience, if you ever get the opportunity."

"Our next stop was a real adventure, visiting the Plan Bee hive at privately-owned home Haggs Castle.  Plan Bee provides and manages bee hives for Glasgow businesses (including Two Fat Ladies) and arranges visits for schools to connect children with nature.

We got kitted up in protective overalls, veils and wellies and chief beekeeper Warren Bader opened the hive, filled to the brim with over 60,000 honeybees.  At first it was a little daunting, but the bees were quite calm and good-natured, allowing the most courageous in our group to take a close look at the frames covered in honeycomb."

You can read the full Great British Chefs article here and Cherie City's blog post here


Image: iMetaFilm
20 AUG 15

iMetaFilm Launch New Website 

iMetaFilm launched their brand new website this week, along with a product demonstration video and they're looking great.


IMETAFILM NEW 1.mp4 from Kelvin Capital on Vimeo.

Image: Plan Bee Ltd
20 AUG 15

Globus: New Stockist of Award Winning Origin Honey

Exlusive overseas department store Globus has become the first supplier of Plan Bee's Origin Honey making it the first large overseas export for the company.

Nirmala Alterher, Globus' Head of Corporate Communications said;

"Our customers expect unique brands of the finest quality, and that's certainly what Origin Honey has to offer. The blend of Scottish heather honey and Glengoyne single malt whisky is certain to become a favourite with our clientele, and fully embodies our 'savoir vivre' ethos.”

Warren Badar, CEO of Plan Bee said;

“Globus is among the most exclusive stores in Europe, and has a clientele of discerning shoppers who expect the highest quality produce in their shopping baskets. The Swiss are renowned as among the most health aware nations in the world and will be not only well versed on the unique taste of Scottish honey, but also on its many health benefits. We are delighted to be working with Globus, who have not only shown their need for the highest quality products on their shelves, but also the importance of offering customers ethical products with a strong sustainability ethos. We look forward to working with them further and offering more Origin Honey products for sale on their select shelves.”

19 AUG 15

QED Naval Launch Subhub Testing

Last week, QED Naval commenced testing of the Subhub operational model last week at the Forth Estuary Engineering Dock in Leith, Scotland.

The Subhub tidal foundations platform is deisgned to commission, test, transport, install and secure a range of wave and tidal turbines to the sea floor.

CEO Jeremy Smith said;

A lot of  hard work has gone into getting the Subhub project to this point which is a credit to the team and supporting companies. The Operations model represents a big step forward for the Subhub project de-risking the ballast system and installation/retrieval methods which is a key selling point used to reduce the cost of deployment and overall the cost of energy”.

Subhub Operations Model

Image: Taragenyx
19 AUG 15

Taragenyx Successfully Close Funding Round

Taragenyx have just complete a new round of funding worth over £600,000 from Kelvin Capital, Lancaster Capital and the Scottish Investment Bank.

The investment will be used by the company to fund continued global customer expansion and for further work into their proprietary self-healing implant technologies.

Iain McDougall, CEO of Taragenyx said 

“It’s been an incredible journey for us so far. After two years of hard work and prudent risk taking we’ve achieved so many things and made great progress."

The full article can be read on Business Quarter here

Image: Ingenious Audio
06 AUG 15

Ingenious Audio Investment Success Reported in The Scotsman 

Earlier this week, Ingenious Audio secured a further £310,000 in oversubscribed funding from Kelvin Capital, Scottish Co-Investment Fund and Scottish Investment Bank.

The latest cash injection will be used by the company to develop an audio streaming system "Fi-Live" and wifi guitar cable "Jack"

Read the full Scotsman article here

Image: STV Glasgow
19 JUNE 15

Plan Bee featured in STV Glasgow's The Riverside Show 

Earlier this week, Plan Bee were interviewed as part of The Riverside Show presented by STV Glasgow.

Two presenters from the show, Colin Stone and Jennifer Reoch met up with Warren at Plan Bee to find out more about bee hives and the Plan Bee ethos.

Watch the segment below

Image: herald scotland
19 JUNE 15

Glasgow's Battlefield Rest celebrates it's 100th birthday by installing Plan Bee beehives on the roof of the restaurant

Earlier this week, long standing south-side restaurant, the Battlefield Rest celebrated it's centenary by installing bee hives on the roof, helping to support the crucially declining bee population and provide an in-house supply of honey to be used in the menu.

Marco Giannasi, owner of the Battlefield Rest said, 

 "Our customers expect high quality produce, they want local produce and they want it to be good for the environment. Working with Plan Bee Ltd will allow us to raise the bar in urban sustainability, while also providing an interesting talking point for our many regulars."

Warren Bader, chief executive of Plan Bee, said the beehives would be a "standout feature" for customers to the restaurant.

"They are committed to high-quality local produce, and it doesn't get much more local than right up here on the roof," he added.

19 JUNE 15

Beehive Brae receive massive press coverage as they launch their crowdfunding campaign

The team at Beehive Brae received some much deserved praise from national press last week for their award winning mead and honey beer product

The key message was how the cult television series Game of Thrones has had a massive impact in boosting the sales of mead in the USA and UK as Beehive Brae reported a 42% increase in sales of mead last year.

The Company are using the crowdfunding campaign to help with legal fees and for a winemaking license and if a success the company will be able to create 4 job opportunities within the local community.  Warren Badar, founder of Plan Bee and Beehive Brae said;  

“We operate in a socially responsible way by giving employment where we can – especially in the functions of bottling and labelling - to disadvantaged individuals within our community and we insist on paying our people the living wage, with fixed hours of work."

As of today Beehive Brae have over achieved on their £2500 crowdfunding target.  Check out the campaign vimeo below

To read more about the Beehive Brae crowdfuding campaign, click here

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