Scottish Biotech Company Releases New Rapid Bovine Mastitis Diagnostic Assay

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Product is the latest addition to the company’s new portfolio of next generation molecular diagnostics.

Biotangents celebrated the launch of its latest next-generation molecular diagnostic assay by holding an event at the Moredun Research Institute, situated beside their facility at Pentlands Science Park near Edinburgh.  AmpliSpec™ LAB Mastitis rapidly identifies mastitis pathogens in dairy cows.  Its unique design, utilising Biotangents’ bead platform, allows the test to be easy to use, highly accurate and fast.  Keynote speaker was leading mastitis specialist and vet, Andrew Biggs BVSc FRCVS.

Biotangents’ bead platform

Mastitis, one of the most significant diseases affecting dairy herds around the world, continues to adversely impact herd health, antimicrobial resistance, sustainability, and productivity – estimated to cost the industry £25Bn per annum.  Rapid diagnosis of the causal pathogens informs farmers and veterinarians to make better and more appropriate treatment and management decisions, including stopping unnecessary antibiotic use.

Biotangents believe their new test has notable cost, speed and accuracy benefits to traditional culture and PCR testing used by animal health laboratories and veterinary clinics around the world.  AmpliSpec™ LAB Mastitis’ unique design utilises isothermal amplification technology, meaning labs can use less expensive equipment, and Biotangents’ lyophilised bead platform, ensuring its stable and easy to use.  Combined with Biotangents’ advanced bioinformatic capability, it’s created a fast, highly accurate test that is a cost-effective diagnostic tool.

On launching the test, CEO Fiona Marshall highlighted its technical performance, saying: “with 93% sensitivity and 95% specificity, this is a highly sophisticated assay that will help farmers, vet, and laboratories to better treat mastitis. To produce a practical, fast, and affordable diagnostic test is a great achievement, and down to our dedicated team, our development partners, and the support of our investors.  Now we look forward to seeing AmpliSpec LAB Mastitisbeing used around the world.”

Chairman, Ian Hamilton, a familiar face in the agri sector, further highlighted the excitement around the release and its potential impact, stating: “On a personal level, the successful development and launch of AmpliSpec™ LAB Mastitis so soon after the release our first assay, AmpliSpec LAB BVDV earlier this year, is a great demonstration in the teams’ proficiency.  But the industry implications are hugely significant; as Andy said in his talk today, cow longevity is key to reducing the environmental impact of dairy farms, and at Biotangents we believe cost-effective, fast and accurate diagnostics are critical to achieving that goal, not to mention the wider societal benefits of reducing unnecessary antibiotic usage.”

Ian Hamilton, Chairman Biotangents

AmpliSpec™ LAB Mastitis is the latest in new range of next generation diagnostics being released by Biotangents for the animal health sector.

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