Kelvin Capital’s Chromacity Investment Deal Reported in The Sunday Herald

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Our recent funding round which closed in October was reported in yesterdays Herald as part of an article about two key Scottish technology companies raising money from angel syndicate groups.

This most recent round was a first for Kelvin Capital as we joined forces with EOS Technology Investment Syndicate and Investing Women to raise over £500k – in conjunction with the Scottish Investment Bank.
Kevin Grainger said of the deal:

“This is the third investment we have completed since starting a year ago, and is the first we have done in conjuntion with Kelvin Capital and Investing Women.”

“We are delighted to have come together with other like minded syndicates to put a package together for sunch an innovative business as Chromacity”

Our own Jim Hall commented:
“We are delighted to have worked with EOS and Investing Women for the first of what I hope is many deals going forward. Not only were we able to quickly raise in excess of £500k through our combined member base but we now have the support networks and contacts of all three groups to support this business going forward which is a huge value add to the company.”

Read the full article by Greig Cameron here

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