There is a rapidly growing international market for mobile devices including smart phones and tablets. Currently 1 Billion smart phones are in circulation and this is anticipated to double within 3 years. In addition to the number of devices increasing, the volume of data traffic from each unit is increasing due to increased usage, processing capability, functionality, and increasing screen size.

Battery life and connectivity are key problems for the rapidly growing global mobile device market. Antennae account for 50% of power consumption during standby, higher during calls. Antennae technology has evolved relatively little in recent years and is currently a significant bottleneck for data transfer.

Sofant has developed three core technologies, which, in combination, provide a directional and steerable antenna, which significantly improves connectivity and battery life for mobile devices. This directly addresses key challenges faced by device manufacturers and is anticipated to be a market disruptive solution.

Sofant has developed three core technologies: 1) Antenna, 2) MEMS switch and 3) Software. The combination of these provides a steerable and focused antenna (“SmartAntennaTM”), which can lock onto the best signal. This provides a higher level of connectivity than conventional antennae by improving the rate of data transfer and consumes 90% less energy thereby improving battery life. In addition to these advantages for individual mobile devices, SmartAntennaTM will reduce network congestion imposed by weak signals and dropped connections, and so reduce the need for more base stations.

Although steerable antenna is the primary focus of Sofant, there has been strong demand from mobile device manufacturers for specific tunable modules. These comprise the RF MEMS switch and software components of the SmartAntennaTM product and are labeled under a commercial brand “Avto RFTM”. This product range is based on the integration of the MEMS switch, embedded software and some electronic circuits to realize various key modules. In addition to generating early revenues, the AvtoRF range will allow early customer traction and engagement and will be a clear stepping stone to achieve the fully integrated steerable antenna.




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