Ultrasound is a very common method for imaging and measurement across many different industries.  It is best known for medical applications, such as prenatal imaging in maternity wards as well as other hospital imaging applications.  Ultrasound is also used extensively in industrial applications where the technique is known as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).  Here, it finds its uses in fields such as oil & gas, Aerospace and Wind Farms and Renewable Energy.

Current methods of manufacturing Ultrasound Sensors have not changed for over 40 years, which has resulted in several limitations in modern day ultrasound sensor materials (namely performance across extreme temperature, image quality and flexibility).  Dr. David Hughes, having spent 10 years researching ultrasound techniques, has identified and patented a new ultra low cost method to manufacture ultrasound sensors using a new material that overcomes these limitations with similar performance to current technology.

This technology can be used wherever ultrasound is currently used and therefore will be disruptive to a myriad of commercial sectors.  In addition, it can be deployed in applications not currently using ultrasound.


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