Clear Surgical raises funding to target new innovations

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Clear Surgical Chair Michelle Ward

Medical diagnostics company Clear Surgical has successfully raised over £275,000 with support from Kelvin Capital, Scottish Investment Bank and Scottish Health Innovations to continue development of new advanced surgical devices.

This will help build on the success of its first product the OpLight which is currently used in Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and in European countries including Italy, Czech Republic and the Nordic countries.

Clear Surgical works collaboratively with surgeons to develop innovations that arise from issues highlighted by healthcare professionals. The OpLight was developed originally by former NHS Ayrshire and Arran clinician Dr Murali Subramaniam, who recognised the importance of enhanced lighting during surgical procedures to remove shadowing from use of overhead lighting or head lamps.

Next generation Oplight products under development include a disposable surgical UV light to identify and treat bacteria during an operation to minimise or eliminate the risk of post operative infection. Another product being developed uses near-infrared light that can highlight and excite malignant cells to guide surgeons during their removal.

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