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Plan Bee were visited by contributor Rachel Phipps of Great British Chefs and Neilufahr Alimohamadi, editor of Cherie City.  Below are our favourite excerpts from the articles;

“Bees are actually quite friendly creatures. They don’t actually look that scary as they come flying out of the hive towards you once the lid is lifted. Braver souls such as myself even picked up whole slabs of honeycomb with the worker bees clinging to the structure provided for them on which to start building their honeycomb. It is amazing to get up close to the bees; in various places, you can see how they instinctively start building the hexagonal shapes. You can see where they start to fill these up with honey, and probably the most fascinating, you can see where bees are buried within cells under a thin layer of wax, and burrow their way out into the sunlight as part of their birth. It is not until you get up close you really come to appreciate these little flying friends, and I promise that honey will taste all that better for the experience, if you ever get the opportunity.”

“Our next stop was a real adventure, visiting the Plan Bee hive at privately-owned home Haggs Castle.  Plan Bee provides and manages bee hives for Glasgow businesses (including Two Fat Ladies) and arranges visits for schools to connect children with nature.
We got kitted up in protective overalls, veils and wellies and chief beekeeper Warren Bader opened the hive, filled to the brim with over 60,000 honeybees.  At first it was a little daunting, but the bees were quite calm and good-natured, allowing the most courageous in our group to take a close look at the frames covered in honeycomb.”

You can read the full Great British Chefs article here and Cherie City’s blog post here

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