Glasgow’s Battlefield Rest celebrates it’s 100th birthday by installing Plan Bee beehives on the roof of the restaurant

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Earlier this week, long standing south-side restaurant, the Battlefield Rest celebrated it’s centenary by installing bee hives on the roof, helping to support the crucially declining bee population and provide an in-house supply of honey to be used in the menu.

Marco Giannasi, owner of the Battlefield Rest said,

“Our customers expect high quality produce, they want local produce and they want it to be good for the environment. Working with Plan Bee Ltd will allow us to raise the bar in urban sustainability, while also providing an interesting talking point for our many regulars.”

Warren Bader, chief executive of Plan Bee, said the beehives would be a “standout feature” for customers to the restaurant.

“They are committed to high-quality local produce, and it doesn’t get much more local than right up here on the roof,” he added.

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