iMetaFilm will create a new industry sector which will digitise the world’s film heritage; simplify and rationalise its storage; make its content searchable; provide restoration services; and acquire publishing rights to hidden film gems. “Every reel is a treasure to someone”.

There are over fifty million reels of motion pictures rotting in the world’s public and private archives. Present technologies make it too expensive to digitise this content at acceptable (4K and above) resolution. In addition, managing storage, language, version and metadata issues is very challenging – one reel of 4K content is at least 1TB of data.

Finally, without a secure, long-term method to tag content the value of the reels is difficult to establish – the hidden gems stay hidden. iMetaFilm has made a series of innovations which will not only preserve the world’s film heritage, but will make the content accessible and transform each of these reels into a long term source of revenue.



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