Opinurate is a software company which specialises in building solutions for organisations to understand their customer’s experiences.

Today, the business environment has entered the age of the customer – an era where customers make the decisions and are in control. To be a successful organisation depends on how well you can rise to meet customer demands and expectations.

By understanding what the customer experiences and acting on it to address areas of dissatisfaction or lack of service or building on positive feedback, businesses can deliver exceptional customer experiences, gain new customers, benefit from increased repeat custom, and really improve overall efficiency which decreases operating costs.

David and Gerard Capaldi couldn’t find any software tools to deliver what they needed to improve their customers experience when they visited any of their kilt hire stores. They saw a gap in the market and having developed their own software solution and achieved the benefits they hoped for they decided to build a new business to take the product to market and Opinurate was born.


Website: https://www.opinurate.com

Email: info@opinurate.com

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