Flexiworkforce is the only UK-wide job site dedicated to all types of flexible working patterns, across all genders, sectors and demographics. From flexi-time, home/remote working and shift work to the more traditional part-time, job share and on-call, Flexiworkforce has a working pattern to suit you with top employers throughout the UK.

Flexiworkforce was established in 2013 by Tracey Eker, an energetic Aussie with a background in finance and business-to-business sales who became frustrated when trying to find good-quality part-time work, which fitted around her childcare and other commitments.

“Most of the jobs being advertised by recruitment agencies were either full-time or the wrong time and online recruitment sites were hard to navigate or served up franchise adverts and lots of low quality jobs. Searching for these jobs became a part-time job in itself!”

Talking to others, Tracey found that this was a huge issue. Not only was an army of skilled people unable to make the most of their potential but UK employers were reporting growing skills shortages. Over a year was spent on extensive market research and with the help of business mentors a business plan emerged and Flexiworkforce was born.

Flexiworkforce is the UK’s newest job site dedicated to all forms of modern flexible work for skilled individuals across all sectors, genders and demographics. Flexiworkforce is ‘Making work…work’.

Website: www.flexiworkforce.com

Contact: tracey@flexiworkforce.com

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